Monday, September 28, 2009

I need to step up my photography

Really, I have no absolutley no excuse. I was a portrait photographer for 5 years until I had my kids. I have all the studio lights, backdrops, cameras, etc.... to get a perfect shot. But I guess I'm being lazy. I have packed it all away. So I'm still going to be stubborn and not take it out. So today I searched around my house until I found a room with an east window. Today was sunny so it was perfect.

My daughter has a high white dresser with blue walls. I closed her shade, which is a bit see through. Viola! perfect lighting. I only used my point and shoot camera, did not even think about bringing out the big guns....leave it in the!

So now to get my model over again and redo the vintage clothing. I admit....the pictures are awful...all will change!

For those who use the point and shoot cameras and would like to add some depth of field effect to your photos, choose the macro (flower setting). Focus on which part of your item would you like to be on focus and the foreground/background will come out a bit blurry. Makes a great effect.


Kay said...

Gorgeous! I'm inspired to keep working on my photography. Good to know it's possible to get great pictures without expensive equipment.