Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween Fun!

These are great!! Cute little glow in the dark ghosts made from polymer clay.
If you set these near a light, they absorb the light and glow!
These super cute halloween items can be found at etsy seller joojooland.

Kids would get the greatest kick out of these cuties sitting on their dresser at night.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday's Pretty Thing

These are pretty.

Foxy Girl Boutique

I found this seller, named FoxyGirlBoutique in the etsy chat room this afternoon. Fellow chatters were posting the most eye catching photography of very unique rings, necklaces and earrings. I just had to check out this store.

She uses various combinations of stones, copper and sterling silver to make these one of a kind pieces.

She ships internationally and is current holding a special. With every item purchased to the end of October, buyers receive a free set of earrings.

Check out this store today!

I need to step up my photography

Really, I have no excuse...like absolutley no excuse. I was a portrait photographer for 5 years until I had my kids. I have all the studio lights, backdrops, cameras, etc.... to get a perfect shot. But I guess I'm being lazy. I have packed it all away. So I'm still going to be stubborn and not take it out. So today I searched around my house until I found a room with an east window. Today was sunny so it was perfect.

My daughter has a high white dresser with blue walls. I closed her shade, which is a bit see through. Viola! perfect lighting. I only used my point and shoot camera, did not even think about bringing out the big guns....leave it in the basement..lol!

So now to get my model over again and redo the vintage clothing. I admit....the pictures are awful...all will change!

For those who use the point and shoot cameras and would like to add some depth of field effect to your photos, choose the macro (flower setting). Focus on which part of your item would you like to be on focus and the foreground/background will come out a bit blurry. Makes a great effect.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is Today

This art print by paintallnightstudios fully describes what it is like where I live. It has got to be one of the windiest days yet.

This print titled 'Simpler Times' is a Limited Edition Art Print by Robert David Bretz.

I love blue hues blended together to great the wind.

Please take the time and stop by this artisans store.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

OK, this is too cute !

This is darling!

4 cats limited edition print by Etsy seller talchen!

I love the bright colors with the white background!

This would look so cute framed in black with a large white mat hanging on a wall in a child's room.

Visit this Etsy store today!

Photographer Leminuit

I seriously could not decide which picture to choose for my feature. You MUST visit leminuit's Etsy store and see for yourself the amazing artist this person is!!

You will find stunning black and white and unique fine art prints. One that I love is of sand. It is so simple, yet draws your eye in.

The prints are limited edition as well.

Start shopping today and add one of these pieces to your photography collection today!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wow...One of a Kind!!

Look at this piece!! CodyOlsen is an amazing artist and seller on Etsy. The pieces in this store are truly unique and one of a kind. I am going to quote exactly the description from this listing.

"This piece was never glazed, rather it claimed its colors from bananas, seaweed and other material as it burned into the night on the beach. Glass was melted into deliberate pools on the front to concentrate the color into a crusty, slightly transparent center. Reds cascade into blacks and whites along the sides and copper wire burned black lines into the clay."

Please check out this store and other items for sale in this shop. If you are looking for that gift that would make a perfect conversation piece, you must visit CodyOlsen.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Vintage Bliss......I'm changing my store!

The name farmchicked, just wasn't working for me. I'm very excited to announce that I am switching everything over to a new store under a new appropriate vintage name.

I have added a few new items and am currently in the process of deleting and relisting.
Here is one of my new items. I is so great! the original keys and tag is still on it. It is in great vintage condition!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Handmade Clothing Seller Alyssabird

I was browsing and chatting in the chat rooms again last night and came upon another great seller to feature.

You have to check out seller alyssabird's handmade clothing. Her very unique pieces are showcased with some very stunning outdoor photography.

The items are customs made and some are crafted from recycled materials.

This talented Etsy seller is on her way....so help her out and start shopping!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Very Unique - Seller Snazzy29

How pretty are these!! A set of 4 individually designed coasters by Etsy seller snazzy29.

I had a hard time picking from these bright colorful items. The shop also contains candle holders, square bowls, candy dishes and wall art.

If you are looking for unique christmas items, her shop has that perfect gift.

Kudos to this seller for her great photography!

Check out this undiscovered Etsy store and start shopping today!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Vintage Items with Stunning Photos - Rachie's Place

Another discovery via pounce! I love pounce. For any of you that haven't tried pounce it's located under the buy tab on Etsy. You can choose the undisovered tab and sort through stores that have not had a sale yet.

The photography is what drew me to this sellers shop. Rachie's Place, lists some great retro household items with photography that we should all learn from!

Come on Etsy!!! These photos are Front Page worthy for sure!

Start shopping everyone!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How great is this!!! Seller - Twist21

What a beautiful handpainted pendant! This amazing undiscovered seller is named Twist21. She has a wonderful selection of necklaces with pendants being made with translucent paint, colored sand or even fabric!!

She has an amazing talent! I had such a hard time choosing which picture to show because they are all great!

Once again, a store with great product photography! So important on Etsy! Buy Now!

How pretty! Seller - Laceramiste

Isn't this bracelet stunning!

I found this seller named laceramiste in the Etsy chat rooms today.
This gorgeous orange seed bead bracelet needs some LOVE!
The items in her shop are very stunning, but important as well are her photographs!! Her use of depth of field really draws you into this item!

Christmas is right around the corner and this lovely bracelet, priced at only $10, would make the perfect gift!!

Seller - Birch Button

The seller featured in this mornings post is birchbuttons.

I discovered this seller by using pounce page in Etsy. There were quite a few that I was thinking of choosing until I saw this shop.

The item photography is amazing. She uses her surroundings to create stunning outdoor product photography.

I felt that her items are going to start showing up in treasuries and on the front page.

Her items are all handsewn and some have been upcycled by using bed sheets, pillow cases etc as the fabric.

Do not delay in purchasing....she's moving overseas and may not be able to continue with her store...so start shopping!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

OOHH I Made a Purchase - Seller Gleefulpeacock

Isn't this great!
When I saw this I thought that it would fit my daugthter perfect. She's 6 and is full of spunk!
This pendant is made from polymer clay, handstamped letters and painted with turquoise.

I purchased this from an amazing undiscovered seller named gleefulpeacock . She also does customs orders or can made additional items of the same if requested.

Make sure to check out her truly unique items today and start shopping!

Friday, September 11, 2009

BOO - I'm feeling like Halloween today - Seller Socksandmittens

Now....where I come from it can snow a foot on Halloween!! These are just what us fellow northerners need come the end of October.

This seller socksandmittens makes the neatest handknit socks, wraps, mittens and decor items.

The best thing about these items is that the hard work is done by a retired senior who now gets to sit back and enjoy her hobby.

Her daughter has set up shop for her and is ready for you to make a purchase.

A Hidden Treasure - Seller Jenny Hoople

Today I'm feeling a bit Halloweenish..if that's a word.

This seller makes very equisite jewelry and has great item photography. Her store, jennyhoople
sells many interesting and brightly colored pieces.

This one I thought was especially unique. I had orginally chosen to feature it based on the fall colors, but once I had posted the picture into the blog I realized that it had a skull in the picture which goes great with the halloween socks I had chosen.

Start shopping!! This seller offers FREE shipping to the US and offers worldwide shipping!

The Talent! Featured seller jessicadunnart

This is an original pencil drawing by Etsy artist jessicadunnart . Isn't it just amazing!

How amazing this drawing of Ol Blue Eyes would look with a large matte and frame on the wall of a studio!

Other unique items in this undiscovered store are these cute little handdrawn note cards of mod 60's dresses.

Very unique...a must see!

Unique, Modern Wood Branch Centerpiece

Look at this superb item! This is made by a seller named DivineLionesss .
Her items are either 100% biodegradable, recycled, upcycled or repurposed.

The item I have posted is very unique and would so great in a modern designed room.

She is also willing to make custom versions of this piece!

She also has wire place card holders that you definatley must check out as well.

Check her out and start shopping today!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Etsy Undiscovered Sept 10, 2009 Three

I love this purse!!!
I'm still debating whether I need to buy this purse!
Isn't it wonderful.
The purse is found in a new Etsy store named LBGstudio . Her store has not even been open for a month as there has been two sales. Watch out...with looks like these I believe you have many more to come.

Keep up the good work...I would love to see some other material colors...but this one just keeps speaking to me. It has a fall look to it, but it is bright and wonderful.!!

Good luck with your new shop LBGstudio and best of wishes on many sales!!

Etsy Undiscovered Sept 10, 2009 2

I found this store today called BlueForestJewellery. Its has very bright photography of eye catching and stunning jewellery.

This piece that I found would work perfectly with the upcoming season.

Please take your time and check out this undiscovered Etsy store!

A quote from this store "Welcome to Blue Forest Jewellery. This is a range of silver jewellery incorporating semi-precious stones, pearls and sterling silver. I hope you find something you love in this range of unique, handmade pieces, either as a treat for you or a gift for someone. New items are added regularly, so please keep returning to have a look and see some special offers."

Etsy Undiscovered Sept 10, 2009

My first find is one of my first purchases I made on Etsy. The artist is bitsnpiecesetc . Her shop contains coloring wallets that hold crayons and a small notebook. The wallets come in many different fabric patterns.

I have two girls 6 and 4. I let them pick out the colors they wanted. They were so excited to see the wallets arrive. To their surprise, the wallets came with a small packet of crayons and a notepad!

The kids love them; they stay in my van and are used when we go to a restaurant or doctors office. It keeps the crayons in one place instead of scattered all over my van floor.

These items are super cute and the quality is excellent!!
I highly recommend these. Support bitsnpicesetc and make your purchase today!!