Friday, September 11, 2009

BOO - I'm feeling like Halloween today - Seller Socksandmittens

Now....where I come from it can snow a foot on Halloween!! These are just what us fellow northerners need come the end of October.

This seller socksandmittens makes the neatest handknit socks, wraps, mittens and decor items.

The best thing about these items is that the hard work is done by a retired senior who now gets to sit back and enjoy her hobby.

Her daughter has set up shop for her and is ready for you to make a purchase.


Jane_Bo said...

Cool picture! And pretty socks and mittens in her shop! Thank you for sharing!

lanadearg said...

Good job!

Arctida said...

I second Jane here, very cool picture! and her knitted work is beautiful!

Valentyna said...

Thank you so much!